We aim to periodically publish a Pan Arabic Research Journal initially every month and we invite papers from all students, researchers and academic staff from all Universities and Research Organizations across the Middle East and worldwide. We shall form a panel of members specific to each field of Science drawn from all over the world to overlook the editorial activities of journal publishing and to comply with international standards of peer reviewing. We hope that eminent members of academia will contribute to this valuable publishing activity, which in the long term shall strengthen the foundations of research in Earth Sciences in the Middle East.

(ILM Publications):
The Arab Journal of Remote Sensing and GIS: This can cover a wide range of topics oriented around Remote Sensing Research and it's applications in various fields particularly that might be relevant for the Middle-East. Over time this Publication can span into journals in other fields of science as well, providing a popular platform for widen the publishing activity

A brief 10 page newsletter with
  1. An introduction of our vision
  2. Latest News in the Remote Sensing World
  3. A Couple of interviews from Industry and Academia [preferably from our partners with focus and growing importance of RS and GIS technologies in Middle-East Context]
  4. One featured science article
  5. Information of any upcoming events
  6. Corporate Membership and Advertising Information